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Its a bird, its a plane, its SUPER MOON

The Niagara Region is dotted with picturesque landscapes, from the many little waterfalls, to the quaint beaches of Lake Ontario and of course the forested hiking trails of the Greenbelt. Photographers have a multitude of choices of settings for their subjects. For this weekends super moon, I choose quiet Port Dalhousie. I wanted the full moon to be joined by the light house and the boats that lined the piers. The super moon, also known as "perigee" moon is a rare occurrence that happened this weekend. During this event, the moon was in orbit closest to the center of the earth and was aligned perfectly with the sun causing the moon to seem bigger and brighter then it normally is. Super moons are only going to get smaller and smaller and loose their luminosity as the moon is slowly pulling itself out of earth's orbit. So be sure to take the next one in! For those of you who missed this years super moon here are some shots .

Little Ballarina Charlie

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. Napoleon Hill Often for my brides, or charity events I give out certificates for boudoir sessions, family or children's shoots and last week I photographed one of these session offered through a charity event. Although I specialize in boudoir and glamour photography, I do enjoy children's shoots. They are always so much fun and filled with laughter. Charlie was adorable! Although she was a little cranky as we were shooting during her nap time, I managed to grab some amazing shots of her, especial in her little tutu outfit! She was truly a  sweet little model. Here are some of the shots.

Paint War Engagement Session

My best friend Ashlee is getting married in October. She and her girlfriend wanted some engagement photos done for their wedding website. Being my best friend I wanted to do something very special and unique for her photos. I have seen some very cute engagement sessions done with chalk fights. I decide to kick it up a notch. Why not switch out chalk for paint! Brighter colors, high energy and loads of fun, just like my friend and her girlfriend. We picked up some paint and water guns from the dollar store and found an awesome location for our shoot. The result was awesome! Pops of bright color, boisterous zeal and above all, highly entertaining! Made me kind of wish I had partaken in the fun myself, beyond the camera.   I love experimenting with different concepts and different ideas when it comes to my photography. I am so thankful to have such great friends who are willing be victims for my wild photographic endeavors. I am also so happy to have to gotten s

Wildwood Waterfall engagement session

Bride-to-be Katie wanted some unique engagement photos for her invitations. What could be more unique and beautiful then a waterfall?! And the Niagara region is full of beautiful waterfall locations. We choose Decew falls for our location. This waterfall location features three different waterfalls, Upper Decew, Facet or Tunnel Falls and Cascade or Lower Decew falls. Located near 12 mile creek on the property of the old Morningstar mill. This place is a popular location for weddings as it is a very picturesque place. And although it is a slightly remote location, it is a popular place for hiking and is part of the Bruce Trails. After many threats by the weather station for thunderstorms, I was lucky the weather held off for my waterfall engagement shoot down in Decew falls this weekend. Didn't even start to rain until we climbed back to the surface and were in our cars. However the rain made everything extremely muddy and very difficult to get down, as the gorge area itself is ve