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Spring has Sprung...with bunnie rabbits!

One of things I most look forward to in the new year is my first round of mini sessions. While I do these often throughout the years, noting major holidays and the like, the Easter sessions with the bunnies are without a doubt my favourite. The kids come in, all dressed up in the most adorable outfits! Their reactions to the bunnies are absolutely priceless and the bunnies themselves... need I say more? The combination is just an overload of cuteness. I often like to create my own backdrops, adding to a little uniqueness to each round of minis. This year I went with a chalk board drawing. I created a drawing with a blossoming tree and a colourful banner in the corners, Sporting tulips and dasiey's dotted the bottom between a bunny and some bright Easter eggs and wooden creates as the setting area. One of the things I look forward to most around Easter is all the yummy food, and of course those savory left overs! Sadly there are some people who are not as fortunate to enjoy thes

Baby Bryce came to visit.

Kristin's mom and my aunt have been friends for as long as I can remember. That means that Kristin and I often had play dates at birthday parties and backyard get-togethers. Later in life, we went to high school together. Needless to say Kristin has been a part of my life for a long time. So I was absolutely over the moon when she asked me to do a newborn session with her new baby. Baby Bryce arrival came late January and he was bundle of joy and a very welcome addition to the Mudford family. Kristin and her mom met me at the studio. Grandma was just over come with pride as she watched the session. During which little Bryce peed everywhere! Things like that are bound to happen when the diaper comes off! I adore how personal these sessions become. I always combine baby images with mommy and other family. It kicks the emotion behind the images up a whole other notch! This is a beautiful, emotional filled time, so why not capture it in all of it's glory! And baby always seems t