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Full session vs. mini sessions

I am sure most of you have heard about mini sessions in the photography world. But what is a mini session and how it is different from a full session? What are the pros and cons and how do they work? I offer several different themed minis in the studio year round. And I can tell you that they are very different from other sessions. Full sessions allow for more customization. The locations are usually different from one session to the next. They typically take place at a park or  beach, farm or forested areas. Studio sessions can be offered at times at well. There is also longer time frames for full sessions, often between 45 minutes to an hour. This allows for time to set up larger groups in poses and walk the area for a variety of backdrops to be included in your final gallery. This allows for outfit changes if the client so desires. Due the amount of time and variety that is allowed with a full session there are normally a larger number of images included in the final product. Whi