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How to prepare for your Newborn session

As a photographer there is a lot of prep work that goes into a newborn sessions. I, myself have had hours of classes and lessons on how to safely pose each babe the comes through my doors. I make sure the room is nice and toasty warm so that babe is comfortable. I have lots props and backdrops and wraps so that I can keep using a requested colour scheme is babe goes to the bathroom on a backdrop of such. But there are also some important things for parents to do that aid in the success of a newborn shoot. So what are the best pieces of advice for parents before a newborn session? 1) What is the best time to bring in babe for their session?  We have all seen those super adorable, curly baby poses where babe is all balled up! Super cute right? Well there is a small window of time that allows for those poses to be achievable and that is usually between the first two weeks of life. Is it still possible to have a newborn session after this time? Yes of course, however certain poses mi

What is a raw file?

I'm sure you've heard the term 'raw file'  or 'shooting in raw' when it comes to a photo session or photography. Or it's been mentioned during the process of taking pictures. Often I get asked if I shoot in raw, or I get asked for the raw files. But what is a raw file? And why don't professional photographers give them to their clients? Let me shed some light of the basics of RAW files. What is a RAW file and what does it do? How are they different from JPEG's? A jpeg is a photo file that is used for printing and sharing (such as uploading on social media platforms). It takes all the information, what the sensors and camera settings are saying, and compresses that information. Jpeg is the most common form of photo files because of how convent it is. A Raw file, on the there hand, is just that; it's raw. They are NOT photo files. It is a file that holds unprocessed and non-compressed information, because of this, images often look dull and