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Preparing for you Autumn Sessions: 7 tips

Autumn is one of the most popular times of year for a variety of sessions, for obvious reasons. I mean, how can you not enjoy those lovely pops of colours. It's an amazing time as you get to really play up your wardrobe and mix and match with some awesome accessories for that crisp weather. I want you to make the most out of your session and here are some great tips on how to do so. 1) Make use of accessories and clothing that play up the "fall" feeling. For example, leather boots, cable knit scarves and comfy cardigans look amazing on the whole family and can really bring a picture to life. Tip: neutrals do really well in the fall against all that foliage.  2)Timing is everything. Start paying attention to that shift in weather as summer melts into fall. Once the leaves start changing, call up your photographer and book a session. I know that I like to plan fall sessions, so chances are I've got a session ready for you.Typically October is the perfect tim

My favorite photos

When you do something you love, it's not really work. We all have heard that saying. And for me it is really true. For those of you who have meet me in person, you how much I love what I do and deep my passion for photography runs. Most people when they get home from work, kick of their shoes, put their feet up and forget about the day they had at work for those few hours before they head back to the office. They turn on the T.V, read a book, spend some time with the family. Any thing to take their mind off work. NOT ME. Photography started as a hobby and I transitioned it into a business years ago. So for me, during my down, one of my favorite things to do is take off with my camera and work on a personal photography project. I have done lots of these in the past and am always finding something neat to work on. I believe it keeps me on my toes and gives me new and fresh ideas to introduce into the studio for my clients, One of my favorite projects was a few years back. I as

A little Session with Picture Perfect Props

If you are a family in the Niagara Region and have small children, it is more then likely that you have heard of Picture Perfect Props by Mich. In fact, she is probably a household name for your family. Having been open for the past 8 years, I have worked with Mich a great many of times and have come to know her, not only as a business woman but as a friend as well. Over the past few years, Mich and I have gotten together to a variety of different sessions together that have been offered to the public. One of our favorites is our outfit showcase session. We did this last year and had such a blast, we did it again this year. We draw a few different children varying in age to model some of the outfits, tutus, headbands and other products available in Mich's store in Welland. This year we have over 300 people enter the contest!! HOLY SMOKES!! We always have fun during these sessions and so the families! Here are some of the adorable images we got during this years session.