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Wood block wall prints

If you're anything like me, you love showing off your photos! I love walking into room and seeing beautiful, meaningful images on the wall and around the room. That's why it is so important to me to make sure I carry some amazing products to offer my clients and I am very excited about this new one! I am now introducing Wood block prints. Yes you read that right. The images are printed on actual wood! These are half inch thick maple board with a beautiful glossy finish. This allows the colours to pop and to me that is important. The unique surface creates a one of kind print. There is subtle glimpse of wood grain through the image. The look is impossible to replicate with other methods. They created to be ready to hang with a custom designed ledge on the back that allows to be easily mounted to the wall. It is a great wall product to consider for your next photo session print. They come in many different sizes ranging from 8x10s to 24x30's! Just look at how beautif