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Vintage Hotels Winter Wedding // Sandy and Shane

I love weddings! So I was super excited to start my weddings early this year with a winter wedding last month. Sandy and Shane got married on a mild day in January with the stunning Vintage hotels. The day started with Sandy and her female friends and family members preparing for the big moment in their hotel room at the Pillar and Post. During this time it was important to Sandy that I captured some sentimental images of her and her niece, as they shared several different  pastimes and inside jokes together. I adore how close this family is. Prior to the wedding Sandy and Shane wanted to do a first look. As their schedule was tight and with the rapidly setting sun this time of year, first looks are a perfect opportunity to capture some intimate images of the bride and groom together and these sessions are always packed with emotions, making for some awesome images. Their ceremony took place at The Prince of Wales Hotel where they left with a magical sparkler send off and they hea

Important questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer that is right for you is such an important task for engaged couples. Not only is this person responsible for capturing one of the most important milestones of your life, the highlight events, the romantic moments, behind the sense and all the emotions. But this person is also going to spend more time with you during this day then most of your guests! "Do you have my date free?" "Can I see your gallery?" There are some questions that are pretty obvious to ask your photographer; pricing, cancelation policies, what is included in packages. What other things should you be asking your photographer? Here is a nice list of other important matters you may want to discuss with a photographer before you hire them.   1) How would you describe your wedding style? This answer will vary from photographer to photographer as each has created styles and techniques that best suits their business and their clients needs. As for myself, I would sa

Icing Sugar Photography: How, why and when.

I absolutely love what I do. From newborn sessions, to weddings, I really enjoy everything I photograph. But it's not just the photography aspect, I also enjoy the business aspect. The emails, the research, meetings and the marketing. I truly love every part of being a photographer. But how did I come to this chapter of my life. When I was a small kid did I say "I want to be a photographer when I grow up!" No, more likely I probably said " I want to be a vet" Or "When I grow up I want to be a teacher", or something else typical of a 6 year old to say. So at what point in my life did I turn to photography as a career? As a child I was always divulged in the artistic world. In the second grade my grandmother had me painting water colour landscapes, many of which are still hanging on the walls of my parents home. I took art classes outside of school, after hours, and all my high school classes revolved around any for of art I could take, including photo