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Butterfly baby bump

This time of year it can be hard to find locations outside of the studio that work really well for any session. Mandy wanted something bright and vibrant in colour for her maternity session. I suggested the Butterfly conservatory. It is designed to look like a bright, sunny day, it's warm and dry and the plants make for a stunning backdrop. And it's a good thing we choose this place, as with wind chill, the day of our session was a very chilly one! While Mandy did have her own gown, we also used one I offer in the studio as well (the blue gown) and the both looked amazing against the lush plants. Did you know that a butterfly is symbolic for a beautiful transformation? Seems rather fitting for a maternity session! Here are some of my favorite from our session! For more maternity images and packages, check out the website at

Is a boudoir session right for you?

Ladies, I'm about to let you in on something. Something you have probably told yourselves isn't true in the past. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! We have those moments where we f stare at ourselves in the mirror, examining every single tiny detail about ourselves and we judge and criticize and  often tell ourselves some pretty harsh and ugly things. We may not do this every day, or FEEL this way every day, or every week for that matter. But at some point we have all been there. Felt so ugly it becomes the one thing we believe about ourselves for a while. There are some many amazing, beautiful, stunning women out there who don't feel beautiful. Too many woman have self image problem and lack confidence in the way they look. And I think that is a damn shame! The thing about women is we are all beautiful and should beautiful being who we are. That is one of the reasons I love boudoir so much! Boudoir and glamour sessions have the ability to make someone feel amazing about how