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Going unplugged

When it comes to weddings I am sure you have heard of the term 'going unplugged'. What does that mean and what does that include? In a day and age where technology is so prevalent in our lives, sometimes it kind of takes over and becomes a distraction and problem. There are some couples who invite their guest to snap as many photos as they’d like with their own cameras and phones. However, more and more couples have started asking their guest to turn off their device and be in the present with them. There are actually many benefits to put away cameras and cell phones, especially during the ceremony. For one, weddings are a sacred event and deserve respect. Your guest should be enjoying the celebration first hand, not off a small glowing screen. If your guests are more concerned with capturing a picture for Facebook or Instagram, then they are about the actual event, it shows in your photographs. Instead of smiling faces as you walk down the isle or the moment you are exch