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Discount Days are upon us

That past month and change I have been working away at making some strong changes with the studio. I can't say for sure what has come over me in the past while. Maybe it was the mild winter, maybe there is something in the water. But for whatever reason, I have been all about bumps and babies! Some of you may have noticed that my social media outlets have been filled with babies and maternity sessions. A while back a pregnant friend of mine sent me some photos of what is called Milk bath maternity sessions. I was blown away by how stunning they are! Yes I am photographing mothers to be in the bathtub, but the milky water, and the beautiful florals and foliage create such an incredible visual! They are so natural and serene. Not to mention the bath smells amazing and makes you skin super soft! So I have jumped on the band wagon for this new photographic maternity trend and am now offering these session to my clients. While the studio isn't set up for a full bath and tub, I am