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Baby Bump

A while ago I decided to try a WagJag promotion. While they weren't what I was looking or hoping for marketing wise, I did get to meet some wonderful new people and make some great clients. One of which was Jennifer. During one of the nicer days this fall season I meet with Jennifer and her family at Dufferin's Islands for a maternity session. When it comes to family maternity I like to try and incorporate all aspects of the family. Some of just the mom to be, some of the whole family, mom and dad and mom and the siblings. This creates a variety and you can really get a great feel of the love and joy that is anticipation with the upcoming arrival of a new family member. The day was perfect for the shoot. Not to warm, not to chilly. And Jennifer's choice of clothing was beautiful. The pop of colour from her dress was vibrant against the slowly turning colour of the leaves. I always encourage props during these sessions, normally clients will bring a pair of shoes or ABC

Autumn Love birds

My friendship with Shaleen has been a long one. She is a wonderful person and always so much fun to be around. I was thrilled when she was asked me to shoot a couple session for her and her beau Jordan. What makes this shoot even better? It was a birthday surprise for Jordan, as far as he knew they just going for hike. Decew falls is a location I often use, but there is good reason for that. It is a location that offers so much variety. The entrance is filled with adorable buildings, stair cases, walls, fences and bridges. The trail above is a picturesque wooded pathway connected to open fields. And below is a small stream with several waterfalls make for unique backgrounds. During my session with Shaleen and Jordan we stuck to the trail and did a few shots with one of the front stone buildings. When we first arrived, so did a wedding to shoot their formal photos. Perhaps the universe casting some foreshadowing? Lol. Poor Shaleen has been feeling under the weather but she was such

Why I don't hand out Unedited Images

Now, normally this isn't something I get requests for very often, however its seems as of late everyone wants the unedited images.   It is actually considered to be extremely unprofessional for a professional photographer to hand out unedited images. And is a common practice to NOT distribute them among almost all professional studios and photographers. I understand how confusing it can be when you hear the shutters clicking so many times so let me explain the reasoning behind this. There are many reason why photographers, myself include, do not even entertain the idea of handing them out. 1) Those unedited images are photos of you with your eyes closed, mouth opened in mid-speech or I where I am testing light. I'm not going to give you images that you look awkward in. Seeing photos of myself where I don't look so great doesn't do me any good. So I'm going to give you images where you look your best. I go through the images with a professional eye to select the

Family Foto Fun

Nadine and Patty have been clients of mine for a while now. I first met them photographing their wedding last year and then worked with them again later in the year to cover her mother's 80's surprise birthday party. This time Nadine called upon me to photographer her family photo session. Coming from out of town both her and her brother's family met me at her mother's house here in the Falls. Her mother's backyard had a beautiful open field that we used to our advantage. Also her love of whimsical wind chimes and mobiles added a fun touch to the images as well. Since her mother as been under the weather we also did some photos inside where it was nice and cool. With larger family sessions I love to give them a whole variety of different images. I take some larger group images, do some of each family, the parents, the children, the siblings, etc. I find it allows your set images to become more unique and tell more of a story that way.

Family sessions on beautiful days!

A few Saturday's back Crystal and Derek took full advantage of the beautiful weather and had a family photo session. Our first attempt wasn't so lucky as it rained, no correction, it poured! Windy and cold, our original session date was one that felt like mid-November. Luckily our rescheduled date was sunny and warm. Crystal and Derek were referred to me through a young lady who was part of a wedding I shot earlier this year. And they were a blast to shoot with their little daughter Abby, who warmed up to me quickly. I met the family half way as they were coming from Cambridge and I was coming from Niagara Falls. Our location was the picturesque Princess Point in Hamilton. This place was filled with beautiful plants and tress, and pathways that lined the lake. It made for a perfect backdrop! I loved doing family photos. They are so much fun and I always get to meet such great people in the process. Check out some of the images from that day. Keep up

Engagement Session : Meant to be

I love engagement sessions. They are a beautiful way to capture two people in love and a fantastic way for me to get to get a feel of the couple before shooting on their big day. Alanna and Dylan had this wonderful idea of incorporating their engagement photos with their wedding photos. What better way to do this then to shoot at the same location where their wedding will be held. Beautiful Balls Falls. This conservation area offers lots of variety with a rustic charm which leaves us lots of room to play. During our shoot we roamed the property and came up some images with some eye catching poses that will be recreated on the day of the wedding. To perfect the look for the 'wedding-meets-engagement' images, Alanna even work a summer white dress. I'm so excited to be working with adorable couple and can't wait to for wedding! Take a look at some the shots we got that day!