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5 tips for your holiday moments!

Well it's that holiday time of year. And I'm sure your schedule is full of events, dinners, get togethers, activities and so much more.  So that means there is are lots of opportunities to bust out the camera! So how do you make the most out of your holiday memories and images. Here are some amazing tips to help you and your camera get through the holidays. 1) Be prepared! There is hustle and bustle happening that a photo op could present itself at any moment! If you're not ready, that moment will be gone and over before you know it! It is best to be prepared with your camera. And I am talking about going beyond having your camera on hand. Make sure it is charged and ready to go for the next day. Charge it over night. Make sure you have extra batteries. Your memory card is empty for new images and your settings are prompted. 2) Get down to their level. When photographing kids especially, get right down to their level. Your go to is probably to snap a picture from