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Merry Christmas!

The past two months have been so busy. I love Christmas so much and love these sessions. They are not only popular with myself but my clients as well. Last year I photographed 46 families for the holidays. This year I am in over 180!!! Thank you all so much for the support. I hope you all enjoyed your photos and had a great time in the studio. This year was a new location as well, allowing me to have two larger set ups from the previous years and better accommodate larger family photos. As always, I offered discounted prices for those who brought in canned goods for Project share (this is something I do for both Christmas and Easter) Last year we brought in a whole bin full! This year we surpassed that goal and ended up with almost a bin and half! You guys are all so amazing for participating! I look forward doing this food drive once again during Easter. Below are some images from these sessions. There were so many adorable kiddos and families that came in, it was touch choosing w

Christmas Minis: The most wonderful time of the year!

My clients LOVE mini sessions and so do I. They are perfect for excited kiddies and parents on the go. Christmas is one of the most popular mini sessions and, I have to admit, they are my favorite minis of the year! Honestly, I think they might be my favorite because of all the adorable outfits the kids show up in. Oh how I wish that they made things that great in my size! OR that is was acceptable to wear those adorable sparkly dresses at my age! But on a serious note, Christmas season just makes me happy in general. I love the twinkle lights, and the picking out gifts for my family and loved ones. And these sessions just help to get that Christmas feeling going, regardless if there is snow or not. Like previous years, I will have two sets and will also be offering discounts for those who bring in non-perishable food items for Project share. These 20 minutes sessions run by the half hour and are starting on the 15th of November and running till December 19th. I run these the longe

Halloween Minis!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, I'm not talking about Christmas. Although that is sneaking up on us. I'm talking about Halloween! I love Halloween! I love seeing all the kiddos come to in the studio all dressed up in their adorable costumes! One of my friends told me that this year, she is dressing her little ones up as a ghostbuster and the Stay Puff Marshmallow man! I can't wait to see their outfits! Once again I will be holding my mini sessions for Halloween. This year they will be held from October 16th till October 22nd. Sessions are limited! They are being booked by the half hour and are 20 minutes long. They include 3 digital images for $30. And what's even more exciting then mini sessions and Halloween? These will be the first mini sessions held at my new studio location! I can't wait to see you all there! We are going to have so much fun there lovelies! While we wait for the dates of the mini sessions, here are some of the images take

Discount Days are upon us

That past month and change I have been working away at making some strong changes with the studio. I can't say for sure what has come over me in the past while. Maybe it was the mild winter, maybe there is something in the water. But for whatever reason, I have been all about bumps and babies! Some of you may have noticed that my social media outlets have been filled with babies and maternity sessions. A while back a pregnant friend of mine sent me some photos of what is called Milk bath maternity sessions. I was blown away by how stunning they are! Yes I am photographing mothers to be in the bathtub, but the milky water, and the beautiful florals and foliage create such an incredible visual! They are so natural and serene. Not to mention the bath smells amazing and makes you skin super soft! So I have jumped on the band wagon for this new photographic maternity trend and am now offering these session to my clients. While the studio isn't set up for a full bath and tub, I am

Happy Mother's Day weekend!

A mother and her children always share a special bond. And mother's have a huge impact on family, your life and shaping who you become. I know for fact that I would not be the person I am today if were not for my mother, for her support and encouragement, her wisdom and her bright spirit. No matter how big your children grow or how old you are, your babies will always be your babies and you will always turn to your mother for advice.  Now you have probably noticed, as mother, you are always the one taking pictures, all those smiles, all of those moments in which you want to hold on to. But how often are you actually in images with your children, as side from the rare selfie? I got the idea for my mommy and me mini sessions when creating a surprise photo album for my mother. I noticed she was hardly in any images herself. What better way to celebrate motherhood then a special shoot for you and your mother or you and your children. Or generation photos! Last week in the studio, th