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Publications and brainstorming for the future.

After my first publication with Xpresions Magazine in January, I have spent a great deal of time researching other magazines that take submitted works for publication by photographers. The past few weeks especially have been brimming with such research. I have set a goal for myself surrounding publication of my work. I aim to have a minimum of 15 publications in a variety of magazine by the years end, even if it is one image per magazine. Finding suitable magazines has posed to be somewhat of a challenge. Many of them want high-end fashion images, which is not inertly what I am about. Others want images that have never been posted/published before, or don't take submissions at all. This hasn't detoured me though. I have found several likely candidates and have been in contact with some publishers eager to feature my work. So keep your eyes peeled for some great articles to come in relation to this. All in all this has ignited a creative spark in me. I am overflowing with cr