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Merry Christmas!

The past two months have been so busy. I love Christmas so much and love these sessions. They are not only popular with myself but my clients as well. Last year I photographed 46 families for the holidays. This year I am in over 180!!! Thank you all so much for the support. I hope you all enjoyed your photos and had a great time in the studio. This year was a new location as well, allowing me to have two larger set ups from the previous years and better accommodate larger family photos. As always, I offered discounted prices for those who brought in canned goods for Project share (this is something I do for both Christmas and Easter) Last year we brought in a whole bin full! This year we surpassed that goal and ended up with almost a bin and half! You guys are all so amazing for participating! I look forward doing this food drive once again during Easter. Below are some images from these sessions. There were so many adorable kiddos and families that came in, it was touch choosing w