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Bundle of Joy

Emily and I have been friends forever. There are actual pictures some where of us making stone soup together in front of a fake paper fire place in JK. We were friends all though high school and I will be in her wedding this September. Emily recently had her second child, her daughter Riley and I wanted to capture some images of the two of them. As it's been bitter cold here in the Niagara Region as of late, we held our session at Emily's home instead of shooting in the studio. I actually think the home setting added the emotional and person effect of the images and was a wonderful idea. Riley is Emily's second child. She also has a son, Bryan, who was more interested in the polish on my toes then taking pictures with his little sister and mom. Oh boys! At least I was able to snap some really beautiful photos of Emily and new little princess. Here are a few of the images. I love how they turned out!   Winter is a great time to book at home

Boudoir Sessions.... what to bring to the set.

This time of year I have lots of request for boudoir sessions. With Christmas behind us and Valentine's day right around the corner, many women use boudoir images as a sexy, sultry gift for the significant others, which I think is pretty awesome! These sessions are also common gifts among brides for their soon-to-be spouse. Just a reminder that on January 18th and 25th I will be holding boudoir marathons, time slots starting at 3:30 pm. Sessions start at $170 and include an hour session 3-4 outfit changes, 30 fully retouched digital images and professional hair and make up. The location is a hotel setting. So in some of my past posts I've talked about what boudoir photography is, as it is commonly confused for porn.... which just to retouch the subject, it is not. Boudoir photography is suggestive. It is sensual not sexual. I have also talked about so of the do's and don'ts before you sessions, such as moisturize is a big do and tanning at least two weeks before is