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Little Wedding, Big Love

When you think of weddings, what comes to mind most of the time is the big dress, the glamorous ballrooms, the wedding party entourage, so rarely does 'family' pop into mind first and for most. Perhaps that is why small, intimate weddings can be so storybook perfect. And family is what Michele had her focus on when she first came to me about capture the moments of her day. A small group of family members gathered together in a picturesque chapel near Jones Beach in St. Catherine's. The Chaplin converted his living room into a wedding chapel capable of holding no more then a handful of people, the alter centered in the front of the room where wedding couples would be bathed in the light from the front windows. Quaint and cozy, the setting is optimal for humble family orientated weddings. Chaplin Terry incorporated several traditions into the ceremony, including hand fasten and prayers. Since a reception would not be held later, he also cleared the floor and played some skil

Baby Lillian.

When I was first starting out as a professional photographer, Sarah and Matt were my very first wedding clients. I had grown up with Sarah and met Matt through her. This cute couple have been clients of mine ever since. Recently they had a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Lillian, or as Matt likes to call her L-Dog. We had first planned to shoot a maternity session with Sarah but due to an emergency we had to cancel and Sarah was induced. I was delighted to do infant photos for them. We did this session in two rounds. The first time we had booked Lillian didn't feel like having her picture taken. She just wanted to snuggle with her mommy the whole time and cried every time she was set down. After an hour of trying a few different things we decided it was best to reschedule. And sometimes that is really all you can do when it comes to photographing babies. I suggested trying a different time of day and seeing if that helped. And thankfully, we have much better luck the second time a

Bohemian Beach Goddess

A while back, when the weather was just starting to get nice again I did a shoot with the beautiful Malissa Otting. Malissa came to me with this great idea of bohemian beach style photo session. Of course I was on board. No normally I do shoots with MUA Griffin Shields, however the date and time of this shoot Griffin was unavailable so I worked with up and coming mua Sarah Stechyshyn. When I was first starting out Sarah was one of my very first models. And that is one thing I love about my job, the wonderful people you and the long term friendships you create along the way. We meet Malissa at her apartment for hair, make up and wardrobe. The beach we shot at was just a ways down the street from there. The beach itself was pretty cool. It was quiet with a small run off that trailed into the water. The remains of what were once board walks and boating docks protruded from the sand and water, parts of the wood had small plants growing from them. The sand was lined with trees and shrubs.