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Tulips and eggies and bunnies! OH MY

The snow is melting, everything is getting warmer. The sun is showing its face more and more each week. Can only mean one thing... Spring is finally here. That also means Easter is just around the corner. Since my Christmas mini sessions went over so well, I thought I would do another round of mini sessions for this holiday. At Christmas time I came up with idea to do a food drive after the fact. Easter being another holiday where families get together, sit down and have a big meal I decided do a drive for Project share for these mini sessions. Which turned out great! My clients brought in some wonderful non-perishable food items in exchange for a discounted price! From soup to kraft dinner and baby food, jello and noodles, the turn out was great. And of course you can't do Easter photo sessions without bunnies! Thank you J.K ranch and traveling petting zoo for the bunny rental! They were well behaved for having to deal with kids playing with all day! There is a link to their fac