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Donny and Sandy's Wedding

 The day was perfect for Donny and Sandy's wedding a few weeks back. Balmy weather with a beautiful sun over head. The ceremony was also beautiful. It was my first time photographing a hand fastening ceremony, which was very exciting for me. A hand fastening ceremony is a traditional wedding ceremony among neopagen cultures that entitles an exchanging of vows as well as the tying together of the bride's and groom's hands with ribbons as it symbolizes a promise. Although hand fastening ceremonies have been since before pre-Christ era, they became popularized in the movie "The Doors" featuring Jim Morrison and wiccan priestess Patricia Kennealy in the 1970's.   Not only are weddings of all traditions and cultures a beautiful union between to people who love each other, devoting their lives together, but weddings are also a union of family. For Donny and Sandy family plays a very important role in their lives. Capturing family photos of Donny and Sandy with the