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Happy Mother's Day weekend!

A mother and her children always share a special bond. And mother's have a huge impact on family, your life and shaping who you become. I know for fact that I would not be the person I am today if were not for my mother, for her support and encouragement, her wisdom and her bright spirit. No matter how big your children grow or how old you are, your babies will always be your babies and you will always turn to your mother for advice.  Now you have probably noticed, as mother, you are always the one taking pictures, all those smiles, all of those moments in which you want to hold on to. But how often are you actually in images with your children, as side from the rare selfie? I got the idea for my mommy and me mini sessions when creating a surprise photo album for my mother. I noticed she was hardly in any images herself. What better way to celebrate motherhood then a special shoot for you and your mother or you and your children. Or generation photos! Last week in the studio, th