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Engagement Session : Meant to be

I love engagement sessions. They are a beautiful way to capture two people in love and a fantastic way for me to get to get a feel of the couple before shooting on their big day. Alanna and Dylan had this wonderful idea of incorporating their engagement photos with their wedding photos. What better way to do this then to shoot at the same location where their wedding will be held. Beautiful Balls Falls. This conservation area offers lots of variety with a rustic charm which leaves us lots of room to play. During our shoot we roamed the property and came up some images with some eye catching poses that will be recreated on the day of the wedding. To perfect the look for the 'wedding-meets-engagement' images, Alanna even work a summer white dress. I'm so excited to be working with adorable couple and can't wait to for wedding! Take a look at some the shots we got that day!      

Rocking Boudoir Sessions!

   Ah.... Boudoir photography, the most empowering of all the photography niches! It's great when a female can get in front of the camera and be her awesome sexy self! I love helping women feel confident, beautiful and sensual. I just wanted to take some time to share with clients a few tips and pointers on how to prepare for a boudoir session. 1) Get a good night sleep, because let's face it, bags are something that should be carried on your arm, not hanging under your eyes. Mind you, most photographers can remove dark circles, but at the end of day, editing cannot get rid exhaustion. You also want to be alert and present and that won't happen if you're not feeling perky and rested. 2) Bring lots of outfit changes. Bring your favourite unmentionables. Sometimes, what you think might work and are really excited for, doesn't work or you change your mind. You can walk on set and realize half of the stuff you brought wont work and you don't want to be limited. Do