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Frequently Asked Questions about Boudoir.

Boudoir.  It's exciting It's inciting And it's confusing and intimating all at the same time!  If you are thinking about a boudoir I'm sure you have some pretty big questions on the top of your head. That's fine. I mean it's not everyday you are standing half naked in front of a perfect stranger.  So you have questions... I've got answers. Q: Boudoir. Pornography. What’s the difference? A: Well for starters Boudoir is suggestive, while porn is... well you know. And you don’t have to be complete nude or revel anything at all when it comes to boudoir photographs. One of the most important things about being sexy is being confident. If you feel that way wearing jeans, by all means, wear jeans! Or a button down men’s dress shirt. Sure why not? Classy, suggestive, and flirty. Q: Can you Photoshop my images? A: If you would like to have say, stretch marks, a scar, that unwanted, embarrassing tattoo from when you were 16