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Creative concepts!

Hello again! I wanted to share with you some fun and wild things that have been happening with Icing Sugar Photography! In combination with the creative Griffin Shields (MUA) we have been pushing our imaginations to the limits and have started with some awesome people. I'm sure you recall a blog from a the summer months of a group piece I did with Griffin where we turned to lovely girl, Jenn Sattin and Chelsea Ratilainen into a lioness and a peacock. Although we have been brimming with ideas since this shoot, we are even further inspired by a January magazine publication of Jenn's photos in Xpressions Magazine. We have since then done shoots. Shalik, who is a photographer/model friend of mine was the perfect muse for our zipperface model. We turned into him a creature feature monster by unzipping the lower half of this face! Our setting, the creepy ambiance of the Screaming tunnels! It provided us with a nice chilly atmosphere for our macabre shoot. And despite the -14 deg


Yes I know what you are going to say and its true. I have neglected my blog over the past several months And for that I apologize/ But boy have they been a fun few! I have had some great shoots and some interesting developments. I'm gonna try to get all the news in, in this one post, so please bare with me if I miss something. For starters... Dawn and Kurtien were married on a beautiful fall day. The colours were stunning and the air was crisp but not too cool. Perfect wedding weather! And their wedding itself was just as beautiful as the weather. I loved how mixed their different nationalities into their wedding. Canada meets Trinidad. From the dresses to the cake to the candy bar, everything tied in the beautiful diversity of this couple. I loved that special touch to the day.  I shot the beautiful wedding of Shelli and Kyle. Shelli is such a sweet girl and her gown was so beautiful and fitting for her. She hand made all her bouquets and boutonnieres creating a unique patchw