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Grunge city!

Emily (Miss T-rex) and I have been meaning to work together for a while. We were finally able to set something and did a style of fashion that neither of us had done before. We went full out grunge! Mind you we didn't have the flannel lumberjack shirt but did go all out with the boots, stockings, torn tee and blew out her hair for add effect. The out come was pretty.... well badass!  Now the problem with shooting early spring (if you can even call it early this year) is the weather. We spent a good night racking our brains trying to find a spot that suited our theme and wasn't too cold, wet and muddy. Although the mud and wet probably would have gone with the look we were attempting to create, the wind and cold wasn't working in our favor. My first idea was to shoot at a favorite spot of mine, one locals know as screaming tunnels. I have used this location several times because of how seclude it is as well as the shelter it provides. It also has a great vibe for several

Creating Creatives 2

I love creating images that are edgy and different. Just about anyone, with the right settings and conditions, can take a pretty picture. I like creating images that make people really stop and take notice. That is what art is all about after all, isn't it? Photographers, models, Hair and make up artist, everyone in the industry can be considered artists and with art there is no perfect, there is no completion. There is always room for improvement. As an artist I try to constantly break boundaries and push my limits. I would like to encourage everyone to do the same. After all wouldn't the world pretty boring and dull if there weren't people thinking outside the box? If everything was and looked the same? And I guess, to a degree, that is what I'm trying to accomplish with my creative concept images. It helps a lot to have a great inspirational team to help me do this too, from the models I use and of course my make up artist Griffin Shields. Griffin is such a trooper


I can't remember if I've said this before, however, for this year I have set a personal goal for myself. I hope to have, by year end, 15 publications in magazines. So far I seem to be on the right track and this month I was very busy and very dedicated to this goal. Two magazines I have had a great deal of success with are Xpressions and Surreal Beauty Magazines. So far this year I have had three publications with Xpressions and four with Surreal Beauty. Xpressions is more of a local magazine and often has open concepts, which is great because it allows for a great variety. Surreal Beauty is more feminine and more often then not has a wide range of interesting themes, which is always great to get the creative juices going!  Earlier I had posted some of my publications with Xpressions earlier in the year. But now I would like to share with you the most recent of these images.   Top and bottom images of Kate Pockele our current Miss Perfect Cover Girl Canada. The imag

Creating Creatives 1

I love photographing creative concepts. Next to boudoir they are probably my favorite photo sessions. Over the past little while I have done several creative concept shoots with my always talented makeup artist Griffin Shields. In doing so we have meet some amazing people as well. Now, when it comes to creatives, (or you know my everyday life) my mind is constantly brain storming and bursting with ideas! To try and nail down as many of my wild ideas as we possibly can, Griffin and I started taking on days of back to back shoots, with a line up models and locations. Our first set of back to backs took place at Griffin's house. I mentioned this beautiful apartment in my last blog featuring model S. Nicole Ametrine. That shoot was such a success we used this site for our first round of shoots. Starr was the first model of the day. For her I planned a bold coloured neon shoot! Filled with very dramatic make up and hair coloured bright green. We used a few different outfits, all neo