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Choosing Your Location, Fall Addition

It's that time of year again where the weather changes and vibrant hues surround us. So looking for a place to take photos may be different than a place in the summer or winter that you enjoyed. Choosing a location that best suits you and your comfort level is important. It is good to pick somewhere that will make your session memorable and pleasing for you. Find a place that fits well with your personality and gets you to enjoy your experience. Some of my favorite places in the Fall time are Morningstar Mill, Malcolmson Eco Park both in St Catharines. As well as Firemans Park in Niagara Falls, McFarland House in Niagara on the Lake, and Balls Falls in Vineland. 

Morningstar Mills is a heritage site located at Decew Falls. This site features a beautiful working mill rebuilt in 1872 and is surrounded with trees and water. It is a good naturalistic place to go, especially in the fall time when there are numerous colors all around you and a beautifully built mill overlooking some water. Right now, Morningstar mill is closed as part of their response to covid 19. Another Location in the St Catharines area is Malcolmson Eco Park, which is a trail that people like to stroll down to see the beauty of nature that the place brings out. It has some trails leading to areas of water that you can look out at. There are also open areas of field with a tree line around it, or there is right on the trail with a lineup of trees down the path which would look great with the different colors of leaves. 

A similar place to that would be Firemans Park, Located in Niagara Falls. It is a park with a playground, trails, dog park and a pavilion. It is a wonderful place with various of areas to go to and for your kids to run around in. It is a very open location that overlooks the beauty of nature. Likewise, Woodend is also amazing. You can find great spots for lighting at this site no matter what time of day you visit this conservation area. This has been my location for my fall minis for the past two years. 

Then there is McFarland House in Niagara on the Lake. The house is brick built with a little garden in the back including a white half fence surrounding it. It is a nice area that captures the wonderful house with the feeling of comfort and peace. It is a nice quiet area if you do like the privacy and enough trees to bring out those fall colors you are looking for. 

 Then finally Balls Falls which is found Vineland. It is a trail that leads to an amazing view of the upper and lower falls that you can view from afar, up close, or from the top of the falls. Just like every other trail. It is surrounded by trees which brings the photos to life with all the color that appears. this place also includes a flour mill, Ball family home, lime kiln, carriage shed, a black smith shop, and more. There are many areas here that give good opportunities for photos. This location has recently started charging permits for photography sessions. If you are interested in this location please contact their head office. 

 Depending on your preferences and your comfort level, there are many lovely options you can choose from that will capture the perfect fall photos for you.  If you having a hard time deciding on what location would be best for your photographic needs, have a chat with your photographer and they can help you out with some suggestions. 

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